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Batch affron quality

Sleep is a natural sleep supplement designed to prepare your body for more restful sleep. Created by Earths Secret.

On every bottle of Earths Secret you will find a unique batch number. You can type it in the box below to see the quality control checks and analysis we carry out to ensure they meet our purity and efficacy standards.


A combination of Ayurvedic potent herbs, all known for their restful restorative sleep inducing properties. May help in longer, deeper and more rejuvenative sleep that awakens you refreshed and revitalised ready for the day ahead.


affron® is a unique standardised Saffron extract that creates highly concentrated Saffron with long-lasting stability. affron® is the worlds first Saffron extract to be clinically studied, proving its effects on sleep quality and mood. Saffron has been used for more than 3,500 years and extends across many cultures, continents and civilisations.This succulent spice has been shown to bring about a naturally calming effect and can help promote restful sleep. 

The world is full of great products and formulas,
why should you buy from us?

The world is full of great products and formulas, why should you buy from us?

Our People

We are a small passionate tribe of like minded warriors who want to bring Earths Secret and the power of Nature to the world. Success for us is the difference we can make to peoples lives.

Peer Patented Ingredients

Created by Nature, proven by science. Our three Pillar ingredients are the most potent and bioavailable form of that ingredient possible. We don’t just make claims, we back them up with science: KSM-66®, Hydrocurc® and affron®.

Our complexes

We have explored the Earth for the most bioavailable, sustainable and effective ingredients. Individually these ingredients have been used for hundreds of years. Our unique Complexes empowers users to benefit form blending these powerful ingredients together and taking users health and wellness to the next level. The focus we put on the ingredients blend produces multiple times the absorption rate when compared to generic supplements.

Quality of Experience

Our products are of the highest standard available anywhere. Our service, delivery, packaging and sustainability are of the highest quality we truly can imagine. We will always strive to improve and we know this is as much a journey for us as it is for you.