Original Sleep Mask - Earth's Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Original Sleep Mask - Earth's Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret
Sleep Mask - Earths Secret

Original Sleep Mask


Sorry we are sold out! But check our newest and better sleep mask DREAM


Discover our original Sleep Mask. Crafted from the softest materials and featuring a 3D contoured design, it offers a perfect, pressure-free fit and 100% blackout for deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

  • Experience 100% blackout for deeper sleep.
  • Removable Eye Cups
  • Zero pressure on eyelids
  • Advanced breathable materials

"This has been a lifesaver for my sleep. After a difficult breakup, my sleep quality plummeted, and I developed insomnia. I tried many masks with little success until I discovered Earth's Secret. After just a few days of use, my sleep has significantly improved."


As seen in...

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Zero Pressure Strap

Our strap arches above the ears to eliminate any pressure. Coupled with our magic tape technology, the mask stays put comfortably all night long, providing a plush and breathable fit.

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✔ Softness: With our super-soft, breathable, and durable materials, including cotton fabric and 3D memory foam eye covers.

✔ 3D Contoured Design: Offers a generous eye space that's wider and deeper than traditional flat masks, ensuring zero pressure on your eyes for a restful night.

✔ Complete Darkness: Achieve true 100% blackout for deeper, more restorative sleep. Our C-shaped eye cups deliver unbeatable side sleep comfort.

✔ Durable and long-lasting: this mask comes with a convenient wash-and-carry bag, making it the perfect travel companion for restful slumber anywhere.

Designed to Make You Dream

Sleek Comfort, Tailored Fit

Introducing the Dream Sleep Mask! Our latest innovation Upgraded adjustable C-cups, meticulously designed to mold to the unique contours of your head for a personalised fit.


Cooling Embrace

Crafted with cooling fabric, plush memory foam, and a skin-friendly fiber layer, our Sleep Mask is engineered for optimal breathability and moisture wicking. Lightweight and supremely comfortable, you can say goodbye to sleep-interrupting sweat. 

Rated 4.7/5 

Picture This: A Night with Our Sleep Mask

Imagine settling into bed after a long day. You slip on your Sleep Mask and instantly, the world fades away. The mask's memory foam C-cups cradle your face, while the soft, cooling fabric kisses your skin. As you drift off, there's only comfort, no pressure on your eyes or ears—just the serene promise of undisturbed sleep.

What Our Customers
Are Saying



Verified Costumer

"I am really impressed with the quality! It feels super comfortable thanks to its soft breathable design and memory foam eye cups. It also works well to block out light to ensure I can achieve a deeper sleep (as long as my toddlers don’t wake me up 😂)"



Verified Costumer

"Great! I have used it the past few nights. At first took bit of time to get used to it but then it feels comfy and blocks out most light. I do have a small head and it fits  well but on my side "



Verified Costumer

"Surprised by the quality, very comfortable and does block out the light. I'm a frequent traveller and have been using this a lot. 👍🏻"



Verified Costumer

"I have a tendency to move around in my sleep, but the adjustable straps keep it in place all night long. And it's really effective at blocking out light. Honestly, I didn't expect to be so impressed with a sleep mask, but the Earths Secret one has definitely won me over."

Why Our Mask
Outshines the Rest

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Our Sleep Mask


Other Masks

Removable C-cups 

One-size Mask

Cooling fabric and breathability

Traps heat and moisture

3D design and over-ear straps

Flat designs

Gentle Grip, securing 100% blackout bliss

Comes with a sleek carry bag

Masks that move around, letting light in

No travel bag

We're all about real results and transparency. Here's the digestible science behind our Sleep formula 🌿

Saffron's Sleep Benefits: A study found that saffron significantly improved sleep quality in adults facing sleep challenges, making every night a step towards better rest. [1]

Mood Enhancement with affron®: Healthy adults saw a mood uplift from affron®, a novel saffron extract, in just 4 weeks, thanks to a rigorously conducted clinical trial. [2]

Tart Cherry for Melatonin Boost: Tart cherry has been shown to naturally increase melatonin levels, enhancing both sleep duration and quality, offering a natural solution for those restless nights. [3]

Passion Flower's Positive Effects: Demonstrated to improve sleep parameters in insomnia sufferers, Passion Flower has been proven to increase total sleep time, helping you wake up feeling more refreshed. [4]


Rated 4.9/5 by 6300+ Happy Customers

Why Choose Dream?

Earth’s Secret is leaders in creating natural wellness sleep products tailored towards you getting your best rest. If you’ve taken our sleep supplements you know what a good night sleep si, well this is just going to enhance you feeling of Restorative Sleep

- Wake up rejuvenated, as if the stress of yesterday was just a fleeting dream.
- Feel more alert, focused, and ready to tackle the day with a newfound zest.


The Science of Darkness

- Studies show that total darkness is essential for deep REM sleep, crucial for memory consolidation, and rejuvenation[1].
- The Dream Sleep Mask ensures complete darkness, fostering the natural sleep cycle and enhancing sleep quality.

So whether you want to sleep, nap or travel. Earth’s Secrets new Dream mask, try it out and watch your well-rested mornings be your best thing.

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Rated 4.7/5 


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