Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Dream Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Dream Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret
Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret

Dream Rest Bundle

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With this bundle, you’re not just investing in sleep aids; you’re investing in a lifestyle change that gives you that deep rest you need.

  • Our Sleep Complex offers natural sleep support.
  • Dream Sleep Mask delivers complete darkness.
  • Mute Earplugs brings utter silence.
  • Save £15 with this Bundle.

60-day money back guarantee


What's Inside?

Sleep is foundational to health, yet it eludes so many of us.

As seen in...

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Award-Winning Sleep Complex

Deepen your REM sleep with our blend of Saffron extract, Passion flower, Tart Cherry, Lavender and Chamomile. Helps to relax your muscles, quieten the mind, and give your body quality sleep.

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Block Out The Noise 

Our hypoallergenic medical-grade TPE ear plugs give up to 26DB noise reduction without silicone for zero irritation. It comes with a keyring travel case and an easy-removal design for discreet, anytime use.


No More Light 

Made from memory foam and skin-breathable fiber, our Dream mask is designed to fit snugly and is 100% blackout. Includes a convenient mesh travel case.

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clean, safe, powerful ingredients


Affron® Saffron Extract

Affron®: The first of its kind, a clinically studied Saffron extract proving benefits to overall sleep quality. This potent and stable extract can help upgrade your sleep and lift your mood, with solid backing from peer-reviewed studies.

Organic Passion Flower

Passion flower works by increasing the level of 'GABA' in your brain, which reduces brain activity, promoting relaxation and better sleep. With a rich history dating back to the Aztecs, it has been traditionally valued for its ability to induce sleep.


Montmorency Tart Cherry 

Nature's sleep and performance boosters. These cherries are packed with natural Melatonin, helping regulate your sleep-wake cycle for improved duration and quality of sleep.


Organic Lavender

Used in Asian Traditional medicine, Lavender's "cooling" effect soothes the mind and heart. This ancient remedy induces relaxation and ensures a peaceful night's sleep.


Organic Chamomile

Chamomile is renowned for its calming and soothing properties, making it an excellent sleep aid.



Verified Costumer

I have spent so much money on sleeping tablets and remedies over the years. I started it when my sleep got bad through menopause., I am loving it. It also helps with my hot sweats, wouldn't be without this product now



Verified Costumer

"I’ve tried tons of eye masks to aid sleep and often had issues with comfort, fit, and even dye transferring onto my pillows. Dream has been the best one I’ve used, complete blackout, comfortable and no dye on my pillows. "



Verified Costumer

"Had very bad sleep, but now i actually feel like I am getting quality sleep, highly recommend!! "

60-day money back guarantee

Our Promise to You

Experience the best sleep of your life with our Dream Rest Bundle, backed by a hassle-free, 60-day money-back guarantee.

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From Irish Founder Amy

I'm Amy, founder of Earth's Secret. Inspired by my mum's embrace of natural wellness during her courageous battle with cancer, I founded Earth's Secret. It's my passion to bring you products that are not only pure but truly make a difference.

Amy Peacock 
Founder Earth's Secret 

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