Calming Sleep Duo
Calming Sleep Duo
Calming Sleep Duo
Calming Sleep Duo


Calming Sleep Duo

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The ultimate calming and sleeping duo. Relax tense muscles, soothe your nerves, quieten the mind and relieve the worry that could get in the way of you nodding off.
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By combining both Calm and Sleep, you get the relaxing and soothing qualities for the mind from Calm, while also preparing your body for a deep quality rest from the sleep-inducing botanicals from Sleep. 

Key Benefits

Prepares your body for sleep

affron® is a unique standardised Saffron extract that brings a calming and relaxing effect, helping you wind down after a long day and promoting a good night’s rest.

Soothes body and mind

KSM-66® is a highly clinically studied form of ashwagandha, that helps the body return to a state of homeostasis. It works in parallel with two other adaptogens Holy Basil and Rhodiola Rosea which help the body to adapt to stress by lowering cortisol levels.

Wake up feeling refreshed

Tart Cherry contains natural Tryptophan and Melatonin, helping to improve the duration and quality of your shut-eye so that you wake up feeling vibrant.

" I'm skeptical when it comes to trying supplements like this as I have to be careful with my money. But I was 100% happy with my purchase and definitely noticed that it helped me sleep. I wake up feeling more rejuvenated. Love it "

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

After you have taken the product for 30 days, and for any reason, you would like a return, please send us your bottle back and we will issue you a refund.

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Our Calm complex ingredients

High-Quality Sleep & Energised Mornings: This Is Your Sleep and Calm Journey

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