meta pixel How to take your Supplements for optimal efficacy
How to take your Supplements for optimal efficacy
How to take your Supplements for optimal efficacy

How to take your Supplements for optimal efficacy

Thank you for discovering Earths Secret


We are a small passionate tribe of like minded warriors who want to bring Earths Secret and the power of Nature to the world. 

Created by Nature, powered by Science, our Super Natural Complexes can help you achieve optimal wellbeing and health in all aspects of your life.

Below, I will share the best ways and times to take your Super Natural Supplements for optimal efficacy. 

Please wait 30 mins prior to or after ingesting caffeine (tea/coffee) when taking these supplements, as caffeine acts as a diuretic which inhibits the absorption and can diminish the effects.  

Taking Calm, Thrive and Sleep consistently every day will improve efficacy. 

2 X Calm

Take Calm in the morning, when you wake up, or before/during work. This will help increase your focus and clarity, keeping you balanced throughout the day. 

  2 X Thrive 

Take Thrive in the morning to help kick start your day with energy. You can also take Thrive before or during a workout to give that extra boost.

2 X Sleep

Take Sleep around 30-60 minutes before you go to bed to help relax your body and mind, preparing you for better quality sleep.


This is simply a guide to help you, if you prefer to take one capsule instead of two, or take Calm and Thrive at different parts of the day, by all means do whatever you feel is best for you.

Everybody is different with how they react to herbs, some people can feel the difference straight away, while others tend to need a bit more time to feel the effects.

If you have any questions, queries or suggestions about anything, please reply to this email

Thank you for your support and welcome to the beginning of your journey with

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Creating Earths Secret Natural Supplement Complexes

Who Needs Supplements?

Here’s Why People Trust Us To Care For Their Body & Mind

Here’s Why People Trust Us To Care For Their Body & Mind

We Create Unique Complexes

We’ve explored all corners of the Earth to find nature’s most potent herbs, plants and fruits for human wellbeing. Individually, these ingredients have been used for centuries. Together, they can truly transform modern wellness. Our complexes use cutting edge science to synergise these ingredients in ways that maximise absorption, giving you the most powerful results. 

We’re Backed By Science

Created by nature, proven by science. Each one of our Pillar ingredients is clinically peer-patented, using cutting edge methods and backed by extensive scientific literature. And because each one harnesses the highest bioavailability of each plant or herb, it’s hardly surprising that all three of our Pillar ingredients have won awards within the health and wellness space. 

We Honour Nature

Our ethos is rooted in a deep respect for mother nature. After all, Earth has given us the gifts we need to nurture our bodies and mind for thousands of years; we simply need to reconnect to this truth. That’s why we use the purest plants, herbs and fruits in our complexes and include zero fillers, anti-caking agents, binders or preservatives. So you just get the good stuff, exactly as nature intended. 

We’re Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Our company honours what our planet has given us. That’s why we insist on full traceability and transparent suppliers when it comes to a green agenda and we’ve sourced the most eco-friendly options available for our packaging. What’s more, our partnership withOne Tree Planted means that you’re helping to reforest the planet, one order at a time

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