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Sleep 3 months

Rest & Rejuvenation

Sleep 3 months

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Rest and relax like never before with our three-month Sleep complex. 
A combination of soothing, traditional botanicals with the rich Ayurvedic spice saffron extract affron®—all designed to help your body get the quality sleep and desired rest it needs. Wake up feeling refreshed. 
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Your Sleep Journey

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You start to notice that you’re feeling more relaxed in the evenings - and you no longer dread clambering into bed at night! There’s no more watching the clock as you struggle to switch off, just a gentle drift into restful sleep. 

Your mind and body is really starting to feel the benefits of better quality sleep. No need to groan and hit the snooze button in the mornings, you typically wake up feeling energised and motivated for the day ahead.  

Thanks to months of great sleep, you’re feeling clear-headed and alert Instead of fatigued and foggy. Your performance at work, relationships and time spent with loved ones are all enhanced by this new well-rested version of you.

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