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Our science-backed 3-part wellness system helps to improve performance, boost immunity, and encourage calmness, and quality sleep.

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Make Positive, Permanent Changes to your mind and your body...

We get it.

Life is stressful - and staying on your mental and physical health can sometimes seem like an impossible task.

When you’re dealing with a busy schedule and all the other stuff on your plate, it’s not easy to put your wellbeing first. You might feel exhausted, like you’re losing that zest for life.

Be brutally honest for a moment, and ask yourself…

Do you..

Struggle to manage daily stress and anxiety...

Lose focus on a regular basis...

Find it difficult to switch off at night...

Feel your sleep quality could be improved...

Worry that you’re going to get ill...

Wish there was a quick, simple solution... that could combat all of these issues and more, without changing anything in your current circumstances?

If you answered ‘yes!’ to ANY of those questions... ...enough is enough.

You deserve a wellness experience that delivers lasting results!

To be honest, we’ve been exactly where you are right now – frazzled, over-caffeinated and feeling at a complete loss.

If you’re worrying about how to juggle your work-home life balance, tend to your relationships, eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, have some kind of social life, and find the time to drink two litres of water a day - you should know that you’re not alone.

Don’t beat yourself up!

All of that is WAY too much to cram into just 24 hours - and you deserve a helping-hand along the way!

Life is hectic, so we need quick and simple solutions to help get back on track to looking and feeling on top of our game.

More than a superfood, superior to a supplement or multivitamin.

Calm Focus

Combines the Ashwagandha gold standard KSM-66® with 4 other Ayurveda herbs known for their calming properties, plus natural nootropics that support your mental wellbeing.

Thrive Energy

Thrive is a dual action formula that helps support your immune system, reduces inflammation and improves digestion. Featuring the award-winning Turmeric extract Hydrocurc®, clinically shown to provide slow releasing energy.

Sleep Rejuvenation

This powerful blend of traditional sleep-inducing botanicals and the Ayurvedic spice Saffron, realseases muscle tension, quientens your mind and relaxes your body. Leaving you ready for a goodnight's rest.

Introducing The Ultimate Trio From Earths Secret!

The Optimal Daily Super Natural Health Regime...

More than a superfood, superior to a supplement or multivitamin.

Our ingredients have been proven to work together to help you reach your peak mental performance, eliminate worry and anxiety, improve concentration, achieve a state of well being, inspire motivation, enhance memory, reduce depression and balance hormones.

The Ultimate trio consists of:

Stress, Balance and Focus

With the combination of Calm’s Adaptogenic and Nootropic ingredients, you will achieve high intensity focus and alertness. The Adaptogens bring your body to a state of balance, helping you relieve any stress that comes your way.

"From the way the ingredients are carefully derived from the plants to the FSC-certified and recycled materials packaging, Earths Secret does not cut corners with sustainability and quality.
Earths Secret supplements use the most bioavailable and ethically sourced ingredients to deliver the highest potency formulas”


Immune, Energy, Digestive and Cellular Health

Our Thrive complex contains five superior ingredients and is packed with traditional Ayurvedic herbs to help your body and brain reach its peak performance. Thrive connects the natural gifts of mother nature, alongside their rewarding properties, and combines them all into one supplement.

“Taking this supplement improved my workouts and increased my energy. I found that the supplement didn’t just help me while training, but boosted my energy and focus throughout the day."


Quality Sleep, Rest and Rejuvenation

Our Sleep complex contains a combination of traditional sleep-inducing botanicals and the rich Ayurvedic spice saffron extract called affron®. These soothing and comforting ingredients help your body get the desired rest it needs to recover from daily stress, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated upon awakening.

"The first night Sarah took Sleep, she slept for nine and a half hours without waking – pretty amazing. It’s not just longer sleep but deeper, more restorative and more restful. You wake feeling truly refreshed."

So… It’s time to say goodbye to all of these things and more…

Lying awake hour after hour at night with stress-induced anxiety, depression and/or insomnia.

Trying to figure out how to revitalise yourself without using overpriced, over-processed, pseudo-healthy products.

Coming down from the endless cups of coffee you consume throughout the day in a bid to stay focused and stimulated.

Feeling ‘sluggish’ all the time due to a weakened immune system or digestive issues caused by a hectic lifestyle.

The truth is in the testimonial

Calm & Thrive
Judith Porter

“I’ve been taking Calm & Thrive Earths Secret capsules for about a week now. I thought I was only imagining it, but taking these I noticed the difference instantly. I feel so less stressed, clarity, and focus is just amazing.

The energy is great, just taking everything in your stride and not feeling fatigued by doing it. These will be my life long supplements plus being 100% natural, no one could ask for better.”

I love Sleep!
Katie Holloway

“I’m loving Sleep after trying it for a few weeks now. I am usually a good sleeper anyway but I feel like these have taken my sleep quality to the next level! My boyfriend works early shifts and can be restless during the night which disturbs me, but I’ve been sleeping through it like a baby. I also suffered with some slight vaccine side effects (aches & fever) but I took Sleep both nights and slept through it all - which was such a relief! I'm now feeling 100% better! Would definitely recommend it!”

Transformational Products
Steve Maguire

“I have been using Earths Secret Thrive and Calm products for the past couple of months. I find that these products are highly complementary, with Thrive delivering great physical benefit while Calm enhances focus and clarity of thought. I find that I am able to work more effectively, for longer periods and I am more balanced in my approach to day to day life. I have experienced better gut health, quicker recovery from workouts and greater capacity to take on and manage complex tasks. I would strongly recommend these products to anyone looking for a rapid improvement in overall performance while being safe in the knowledge that you are doing good for your body.”

What’s not to love!

“I wanted some Reishi as an immune boost so I was happy to discover this in Thrive along with Turmeric and Ginger which I like as anti-inflammatories. I could actually feel it working really quickly and definitely felt clarity and someone even commented that I had more energy than usual!

The overall experience from Earth's Secret is wonderful even beginning with the biodegradable postage bag that made me happy that they care about the environment!

Plus a lovely surprise in the presentation box too! A big plus for me is also no fillers, vegan capsules and free from GMOs.”

Earth's Secret products are vegan-friendly, non-GMO, contain no fillers and allergens, and are made with love in the UK!

The World Is Full of Products & Formulas… So Why Choose Earths Secret?

Our People

We’re a small, passionate tribe of like-minded warriors who want to bring Earths Secret and the power of Nature to the world. Success for us is the difference we can make to people's lives.

Quality of Experience

Our products, service, delivery, packaging and sustainability are of the highest quality imaginable. We’re always striving to be better and delivering superior results on your wellness journey.

Peer Patented Products

Created by nature, proven by science. Our Ultimate Trio is made from potent, bioavailable ingredients - and everything we do is evidence-based: KSM-66®, Hydrocurc® and affron®.

Proven Complexes

Our unique complexes empower users by blending the Earths most powerful ingredients. Our process produces multiple times the absorption rate when compared to generic supplements.

“The brainchild of Earths Secret, founder Amy Peacock, launched her company in the spring of 2021 and ever since, the company has gone from strength to strength. We love them because the supplements contain five of nature’s most treasured natural sleep-inducing botanicals: chamomile, lavender, Tryptophan, Melatonin, and the rich Indian ayurvedic spice Saffron, to help enhance the quality of sleep.”

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You’ll get a mini pouch of each supplement to trial. After the 14 days is up, your Ultimate subscritpion will begin.

Start your 14 day Earths Secret trial today

So… Are You Ready To Achieve Optimal Wellness?

Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret
Ultimate Sample Sample Earths Secret

Ultimate Sample

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Start your 14-day Earths Secret trial today
Our science-backed 3-part wellness system helps to improve performance, boost immunity, and encourage calmness, and quality sleep. 

Here’s Why People Trust Us To Care For Their Body & Mind

Here’s Why People Trust Us To Care For Their Body & Mind

We Create Unique Complexes

We’ve explored all corners of the Earth to find nature’s most potent herbs, plants and fruits for human wellbeing. Individually, these ingredients have been used for centuries. Together, they can truly transform modern wellness. Our complexes use cutting edge science to synergise these ingredients in ways that maximise absorption, giving you the most powerful results. 

We’re Backed By Science

Created by nature, proven by science. Each one of our Pillar ingredients is clinically peer-patented, using cutting edge methods and backed by extensive scientific literature. And because each one harnesses the highest bioavailability of each plant or herb, it’s hardly surprising that all three of our Pillar ingredients have won awards within the health and wellness space. 

We Honour Nature

Our ethos is rooted in a deep respect for mother nature. After all, Earth has given us the gifts we need to nurture our bodies and mind for thousands of years; we simply need to reconnect to this truth. That’s why we use the purest plants, herbs and fruits in our complexes and include zero fillers, anti-caking agents, binders or preservatives. So you just get the good stuff, exactly as nature intended. 

We’re Sustainable & Ethically Sourced

Our company honours what our planet has given us. That’s why we insist on full traceability and transparent suppliers when it comes to a green agenda and we’ve sourced the most eco-friendly options available for our packaging. What’s more, our partnership withOne Tree Planted means that you’re helping to reforest the planet, one order at a time

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