Modern Health & Vitality

What is Health?

Health is a measurement of our body's functional and metabolic efficiency, and its ability to adapt to the physical, mental, and social changes that it is exposed to. Health is the opposite of disease, as it protects the body from physical, social, and mental disorders.

How has our health changed in the modern world?

In today's world, we are acutely aware of how important our health is. We have become extremely sedentary with current life situations and technology where we sit motionless behind desks, in traffic or behind TV and computer screens. Our diet has drastically changed from eating highly nutritious foods straight from the ground, to a system of junk food consumption with high calorific fast foods. However, with more and more people becoming aware of how our health is our wealth, there is an increasing amount of healthier options to help optimise our overall life.

How does our Health affect us?

Not caring for our health will not only impact our nutrition, bodyweight, and bodily functions but can also lead to social and mental problems. Our energy levels are a reflection of our overall health and wellbeing.

Poor health contributes to low energy which means it is hard to:

  • Perform our best at work
  • Support our family
  • Show love and intimacy
  • Socialise and have fun with friends
  • Learn and expand our mind

Methods to better care for our Health

  • Good nutrition is a crucial factor in influencing the way we feel. Eating nutritious dense foods, such as foods containing healthy amounts of proteins, essential fats, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Consuming more of these foods, can boost our immune system, help maintain a healthy weight and improve our overall health and wellbeing.
  • Drinking water is extremely important for the functioning of our body, it promotes healthy skin, cardiovascular health, brain function, and helps to remove and cleanse toxins from the body. The majority of our body weight contains water, so drinking enough water is crucial for our health.
  • Keeping active and exercising contributes immensely for our health, doing regular exercise can help prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. In addition, we gain so much energy from exercising alone that it increases our wellness for both mind and body. 
  • Getting enough sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing, it enables our body to repair and restore for another day. The average person spends around 26 years sleeping, and if we get enough healthy sleep we may help prevent heart disease, diabetes, physical health issues and protect our mental health. Try and limit your technology intake an hour before bed as the ‘blue lights’ from these gadgets can mess up our sleep.

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