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My Story and My Introduction to Earths Secret

I was always a joyful kid growing up.

Obviously I would have my tantrums here and there, but what I can remember is that my childhood was amazing. As I got older normal life threw challenges my way. Losing loved ones in a short space of time hurt.

When my granny and mum passed away within the space of 3 months of each other, I faced the biggest turning point in my life to date.

I wondered why this had happened to me, and started to question everything. I then turned the question around from why did this happen to me to this obviously had to happen for a reason. I am a big believer in that the Universe can’t throw things at you unless you can handle them, so I took it, I grieved and moved forward.

This experience made me mature at a very fast pace. When I was just 15 years old I started to learn how to cook for my family, the two boys, my dad and my brother.

I also found a lot of relief by going to the gym, I felt this was my happy place where I could escape and just focus on the here and now. When going to the gym became a regular thing, my nutrition naturally picked up.

I was constantly eating a more healthy diet and experimenting with diverse recipes. I went from vegan to vegetarian to pescartarian, back to vegetarian and to now, what I call a flexitarian (sometimes I eat meat but like to stick to plant based foods).

I know people often wondered why my brother and I were always so joyful and enthusiastic about life, given what we went through. I would say to them, that losing someone so close to me showed me how precious life is and that you should always look at life as this beautiful experience that you can choose whether to hate it or love it.

I chose to love it.

Introducing Earths Secret: Natural & Herbal Supplements

My mum was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004 when I was just four years old.

I never really thought much about mum's sickness as I was growing up, as she never outwardly looked ill. I look back on my mum's journey and I am forever grateful that she introduced me to the wonderful healing properties of Nature.

Even though my mum had fortnightly chemo sessions, she was constantly glowing and always vibrant. My mum cared for her body like no other, whether that was drinking countless green juices or taking ginger and wheatgrass shots, or constantly getting up early to go to the gym, she was adamant in her focus on a healthy lifestyle.

She introduced me to natural supplements at a young age, as I was always so curious about what she was consuming. Her cabinet was full of natural alternative supplements such as Spirulina, Ashwagandha, Saffron, Ginseng and various others, alongside her prescribed medication.

The natural half of her cabinet intrigued me more as each bottle had pictures of majestic plants and herbs on the labels. I picked them up one by one, Googled them and started to read all about their amazing benefits. My mum caught me in the act and smiled as I suggested trying some. 

I didn’t realise until I was older that my mum had added these wonderful plants and herbs into my brother and I’s smoothie each and every morning, known as ‘Mum's Miracle Smoothie’. 

With this influence I always knew I was going to create something that contained Nature and would help people. As I grew older, began to travel and begin to meet new people, I was always asked similar questions. 

"Amy, how are you always so happy? So exuberant, so full of energy?"

Maybe it is just my personality or just the general joy of life, but I wanted to help show people how Nature can help us with energy levels, with joy, with modern life!

The wonderful healing powers of Nature have been right under our noses all this time. And I was going to be the one to help spread Nature to people in the most modernised way possible.

I am forever thankful that I get to be on this path, a path that has always been a dream for me. So thank you to everyone, who has and will come on this amazing journey with me and Earths Secret.

We appreciate every single one of you. 

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