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How to Reduce Back-To-School Anxiety and Stress?

Six Helpful Approaches for Parents

As summer draws to a close, it's common for kids to be anxious about going back to school. Of course, even parents have some degree of anxiety when the school year begins again. 

If you are a parent who is worried about anything from classroom violence to academic achievement or everything in between, this article will discuss the best coping tactics for reducing back-to-school anxiety and stress.

Back-To-School Anxiety Among Parents

Students often experience a wide range of emotions on their first day of school. They may worry about making friends, understanding the curriculum, and adjusting to life without their parents. But many parents, like you, also experience severe anxiety as summer winds down.

The opening of each new school year brings parents a new set of worries. You may be concerned about a variety of issues, including your children's 

  • academic performance
  • school safety
  • school violence
  • peer pressure
  • separation anxiety
  • mental health concerns
  • activities on social media
  • substance abuse

Thus, it is understandable that you stress about your children who may go through similar experiences. Indeed, you have heard plenty of frightful events in the news, such as cyberbullying, school shootings, and more.

6 Ways to Reduce Back-To-School Anxiety 

It's normal to worry about your child's academic success and happiness, whether in kindergarten or their senior year of high school. However, you should be careful not to burden your children with stress and anxiety. After all, kids are also perceptive of their parent's moods and emotions

In light of the next school year, here is some advice for you on how to deal with your back-to-school anxiety healthily. 

#1 Find ways to ease your worries.

Taking action can often soothe stress. For example, you can get in touch with the teacher early in the school year if you have concerns about behavioural challenges, separation anxiety, or learning disabilities that might affect your child's performance. 

Apparently, parents may have a sense of relief when they take the initiative. Make contact with teachers in advance, and initiate a relationship with them before problems arise.

#2 Make an effort to lower your stress levels.

Yes, investing in your own well-being and methods of dealing with stress is best. As a parent, you have a lot on your plate, and while your first responsibility may be to your child, remembering to take care of yourself is also essential. 

Spend some moments each day accomplishing something you enjoy. Generally, it can be reading, practising a hobby, catching up with a friend, etc. Take the time to learn and practice stress-reducing techniques such as:

  • Get a good night's rest. Experts recommend that seven to nine hours of sleep is ideal, but anywhere between six and ten is fine.
  • Make time for journaling. Have a notebook and a pen, and start writing down your worries. The practice of journaling can be therapeutic. Writing down your thoughts, including things you're thankful for, items you wish to concentrate on, and more can help clear your mind and come up with better solutions.
  • Reduce your time spent on social media and the news, especially if doing so increases family stress.
  • Utilise one of the numerous readily available applications to perform brief periods of meditation or mindfulness training.
  • Put an emphasis on maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Recognise that it's acceptable to have inconsistent habits or to be unable to complete everything. Begin with manageable objectives and focus on those that make the most significant difference in your mood.

#3 Establish a support system

Back-to-school anxiety can be reduced by just voicing your concerns. But you shouldn't put all of that weight on your kid. Consider that children will model their behaviour after how you feel. This does not imply that you shouldn't experience these emotions, but rather that you should do so in an appropriate setting other than with your child.

Talk freely about how you're feeling as a family, during a time like supper or before bed. You can also share your concerns with close friends. If they, too, are sending their children to school, they can provide valuable insight from their own experiences. 

Your problems can also be directed to online support communities and forums, which can act as an outlet for them.

#4 Keep the lines of communication open with your kid.

An open line of communication with your kid could also help minimise stress in the future. Inform your kid that the new school year will soon begin. Ask them if they can think of anything that might be difficult for them to do this year. You might also talk about your concerns and suggest that the two of you come up with solutions.

For instance, you may be concerned that your kid won't get up in time for school, which may lead to a daily struggle. You two can work out a strategy before it escalates into a fight. Possible solutions could include adjusting sleep schedules, trying out new morning routines, or preparing easy-to-cook meals.

Similarly, if you are concerned regarding your child's grades, you may want to consider having your child work with a tutor after school. You can have your child do homework with you or set your child's study time. 

#5 Seek Professional Help

The job of parenting a child, regardless of the circumstances, has never been easy; nevertheless, given everything that is going on in the world right now, things may feel particularly frightening. Seeking professional help may be the best action if you're having trouble adjusting to the start of a new school year or if your daily routines are causing you stress and anxiety.

Parents place a significant amount of emphasis on the well-being of their offspring. As a result, prioritising their own health care drops to last place. If you feel like you're putting yourself last in your list of priorities, it might be helpful to see a therapist and learn how to strike a better balance.

Conquer Back-To-School Anxiety and Stress!

Many parents are undoubtedly overwhelmed and concerned about their children's emotional and mental health as the new school year approaches. In light of the fact that parents' stress can also play a role in the anxiety experienced by their children, it is essential that we offer support to help them get ready for the return to school.

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