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Calm is an anxiety supplement designed to increase focus and concentration, and help balance mood. Created by Earths Secret.
Calm is an anxiety supplement designed to increase focus and concentration, and help balance mood. Created by Earths Secret.



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A unique blend of five powerful ingredients that help soothe stress, balance the mind and improve focus.

In the chaos of modern life, it’s essential to centre yourself and find your calm. Our combination of Ayurvedic herbs contains adaptogens and natural nootropics that have been used for centuries to soothe daily stress and support focus. So inhale, exhale, and find that grounding inner peace that lets you appreciate each and every moment.

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No Allergens
Made with Love in the UK

How Does Our Unique Complex Help You Gain Clarity & Find Calm?

Soothes Stress & Anxiety

We know that feeling tense and anxious can stop you from appreciating those little moments of joy. That’s why our Calm Complex contains Ayurvedic herbs that help lower cortisol levels and optimise the body’s stress response, balancing your mood and helping you to feel prepared for anything the day throws at you. 

Sharpens Focus & Concentration

Fuzzy focus is your to-do list’s worst enemy - but the natural nootropics in our Calm Complex can help cut through the fog by increasing cognitive functions (including memory, mental speed, and focus!) With a boost in Alpha and Theta brain waves, you get the clarity you need to power through tasks and unleash your creativity. 

Balances Mood

When your mood feels like a rollercoaster ride, it can be difficult to handle daily stresses - at home and at work. The adaptogens in our Calm Complex help to support the release of healthy brain chemicals, re-centring your mood and helping you find the equilibrium you need to calmly deal with whatever comes your way. 

Finding Peace & Living In The Present: This is Your Calm Journey

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 6

As you start your journey, you’ll notice the soothing effect of Calm on your body and mind. The things that would usually trigger stress or anxiety no longer feel so threatening, and you feel the cloud gently lifting when it comes to daily focus. 

Your family and friends notice that you’re less tense and irritable - you’re able to appreciate life’s little joys and - instead of worrying about what comes next - you’re able to feel completely connected to the present moment. 

Month three is where Calm’s effect on your body and mind becomes your new normal. You feel realigned and centred, blooming with an energy and confidence that touches all parts of your life. Feels pretty awesome, right?

Lifting the weight of stress and anxiety lets you reconnect with your true self; the essence of what makes you, you. Congratulations, you’ve come home to yourself - and you’re so excited to continue this journey of natural health and discovery.