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Because she's all we have

Our company honours what the Earth has given us

We will always take the sustainable approach with all of our packaging and values. 
Earths Secret already offers and is actively investigating alternative materials to further provide eco-friendly options for our customers. 
Earths Secret will continue to explore every possible avenue to reduce our carbon footprint and trial renewable materials to be as green as possible.

Our Green Packaging

All of us need to give back to the Earth. Which is why we use the most eco-friendly options available for our packaging such as being biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.

Our packaging meets the following:

The Purity of our Ingredients

We have searched the Earth for the most bioavailable, sustainable and effective ingredients. We always make sure that our ingredients are ethically-sourced and the highest potency possible.

We never use any artificial, preservatives or additives in any of our Complexes. Our main focus is to take the raw powerful ingredients straight from the Earth and blend them together. To create optimum Complexes, taking people's health and wellness to the next level.

"The concept of sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own."

Gro Harlem Brundtland

Our Partner in Reforestation

We are proud to support an organisation who shares the same love as us for Nature. One Tree Planted, is a non-profit environmental charity with the mission to aid global reforestation.

Every order you place with Earths Secret helps to plant trees around the world. Our packaging manufacturer calculates how much paper and cardboard needs to be produced to create our packaging. Once they calculate this, they start to plant the amount of trees based on what we use and they always plant a little extra.

Thank you for helping to reforest the planet with your orders.

Our People

At Earths Secret, creating a healthy and joyful environment for all of our staff is the utmost importance to us.

We embrace our status as an equal opportunities employer, creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace. We welcome staff from all parts of our community and have no barrier to entry.

We invite any and all ideas on how we can improve our Sustainability

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The world is full of great products and formulas,
why should you buy from us?

The world is full of great products and formulas, why should you buy from us?

Our People

We are a small passionate tribe of like minded warriors who want to bring Earths Secret and the power of Nature to the world. Success for us is the difference we can make to peoples lives.

Peer Patented Ingredients

Created by Nature, proven by science. Our three Pillar ingredients are the most potent and bioavailable form of that ingredient possible. We don’t just make claims, we back them up with science: KSM-66®, Hydrocurc® and affron®.

Our complexes

We have explored the Earth for the most bioavailable, sustainable and effective ingredients. Individually these ingredients have been used for hundreds of years. Our unique Complexes empowers users to benefit form blending these powerful ingredients together and taking users health and wellness to the next level. The focus we put on the ingredients blend produces multiple times the absorption rate when compared to generic supplements.

Quality of Experience

Our products are of the highest standard available anywhere. Our service, delivery, packaging and sustainability are of the highest quality we truly can imagine. We will always strive to improve and we know this is as much a journey for us as it is for you.