• Sleep - Earth's Secret


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    60 capsules • 30 servings

    Discover our award-winning Saffron extract, uniquely combined with four other botanicals known for their soothing properties. This special blend is crafted to support a calming atmosphere, helping you unwind. Enjoy a serene end to your day with our natural supplement, designed to complement your nightly routine. 

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  • Balance - Earth's Secret


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    60 capsules • 30 servings

    Gold standard KSM-66® Ashwagandha and 4 other Ayurveda herbs and natural nootropics to create a rejuvenating tonic for both mind and body; reducing stress, and anxiety, enhancing mental well-being, and increasing focus.

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  • Boost - Earth's Secret


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    60 capsules • 30 servings

    Award-winning Turmeric extract Hydrocurc®, and 4 other energy-inducing herbs to help support your immune system, reduce inflammation, improves digestion, and provide slow-releasing energy throughout the day.

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  • Ultimate - Earth's Secret


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    Contains 1 Balance, Boost and Sleep.
    Containing our bestselling Balance, Boost and Sleep complexes.  All of the herbs in each of our complexes work synergistically together giving you an optimal daily health regime. Our science-backed 3-part wellness system can help to improve performance, boost immunity, encourage calmness and rejuvenate sleep.
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  • Dream - Earth's Secret

    Dream Sleep Mask

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    The only mask designed for side sleepers. Lightweight and 100% blackout. Dream guarantees a snug, pressure-free fit for a night of seamless sleep.
  • Original Sleep Mask - Earth's Secret

    Original Sleep Mask

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    Discover our original Sleep Mask. Crafted from the softest materials and featuring a 3D contoured design, it offers a perfect, pressure-free fit and 100% blackout design for deeper, interrupted sleep. 

  • Deep Rest Bundle - Earth's Secret

    Dream Rest Bundle

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    Sleep is foundational to health, yet it eludes so many of us. The Dream Rest Bundle is our answer to restless nights and groggy mornings. It’s a harmonious blend of nature and innovation, designed to address the common barriers to sleep from multiple angles. With this bundle, you’re not just investing in sleep aids; you’re investing in a lifestyle change that promises mornings filled with energy and days full of life.
  • Mute - Earth's Secret


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    Introducing 'Mute' Ear Plugs – Your New Secret to Uninterrupted Zen

    Re-usable, hypoallergenic, and designed for ultimate comfort. Block out up to 26DB of noise with our medical-grade Thermo-Sensitive TPE material, ensuring a snug, irritation-free fit. Perfect for side-sleepers and on-the-go tranquility, 'Mute' offers a discreet yet powerful way to enhance your daily peace.