Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret
Dream - Earth's Secret

Dream Sleep Mask


Experience uninterrupted and restful sleep with Dream, the perfect choice for any sleeper, even side! Made from memory foam and skin-breathable fiber, this mask is designed to fit snugly and is 100% blackout. Includes a convenient mesh travel case.

  • Guaranteed 100% blackout
  • C-shaped cups for side sleep comfort
  • Zero pressure on eyelashes
  • Sweat resistent materials

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Designed to Make You Dream

Sleek Comfort

Upgraded adjustable C-cups, meticulously designed to mould to the unique contours of your head for a personalised fit.

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Cooling Embrace

Crafted with cooling fabric, plush memory foam, and a skin-friendly fiber layer. Lightweight and supremely comfortable, you can say goodbye to sleep-interrupting sweat. 

Rated 4.9/5 

Designed To Make You Dream

Strap Comfort, Magic Grip

Dream's strap arches above the ears to eliminate any pressure. Coupled with our magic tape technology, the mask stays put comfortably all night long.


✔ Softness
Super-soft, breathable, and durable materials.

✔ 3D Contoured Design
Eye space that's wider and deeper than traditional flat masks.

✔ Complete Darkness
True 100% blackout for deeper, more restorative sleep. 

✔ Durable and long-lasting
Comes with a convenient wash-and-carry bag.

Picture This:
A Night with Dream 

Picture This: A Night with Dream 

Imagine settling into bed after a long day. You slip on Dream and instantly, the world fades away. The mask's memory foam C-cups cradle your face, while the soft, cooling fabric kisses your skin. As you drift off, there's only comfort, no pressure on your eyes or ears—just the serene promise of undisturbed sleep.



Verified Costumer

"I’ve tried tons of eye masks to aid sleep and often had issues with comfort, fit, and even dye transferring onto my pillows. Dream has been the best one I’ve used, complete blackout, comfortable and no dye on my pillows. "



Verified Costumer

"PERFECT FOR SIDE SLEEPERS! This mask works, AND I ❤️ that we can wash the cups and change them. The cups attach to the velcro so you can find the right fit. Haven’t found a mask designed for side sleepers and I’m so glad i found this one."



Verified Costumer

"I've struggled with migraines for years, and light sensitivity has always been a trigger for me. I've noticed a significant reduction in the frequency and severity of my migraines since using this mask, and I couldn't be happier."

Why Dream Outshines the Rest

Dream Sleep Mask

Other Masks

Adjustable Eye cups

Zero Pressure on Eyes

100% Blackout

Increases REM Sleep

Breathable Material

Travel Bag Included

Why Dream
Outshines the Rest


Combine With Sleep 

Leading the way in natural sleep wellness, we aim for nothing less than your most rejuvenating rest. Pair our Dream sleep mask with our award-winning sleep supplements for even deeper rest.

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Premium Memory Foam 

Cooling fabric blended with memory foam and gentle, skin-kind fibers. C-shaped eye cups ensure unmatched comfort for side sleepers. 

100%  Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Promise to You

We're so confident in the Effectiveness of Dream that we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Your satisfaction and sleep quality are our top priorities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rated 4.9/5

From a Local Irish Founder 

I'm Amy, the founder of  Earth's Secret. Inspired by my mum's embrace of natural wellness during her courageous battle with cancer, I founded Earth's Secret. It's my passion to bring you products that are not only pure but truly make a difference. We're here to do more than just promise; we're here to deliver real results.

Amy Peacock 
Founder Earth's Secret 

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