Earths Secret

What is Earths Secret?

For thousands of years the Earth has fed, sheltered, nurtured and loved us,  Earths Secret was created to shed light on the abundance of natural healing that is available for all of us. Our Mission is to reveal these powerful ingredients to the world through ethically sourced and grown ingredients, creating unique formulas targeted at everyday health and wellness needs.

Who created Earths Secret?

We are a small passionate tribe of like minded warriors who want to bring Earths Secrets better health and greater understanding of what real health and wellness is to the world.

What is Earths Secrets Purpose? 

Our purpose is aiding modern civilization to rediscover their ancient wisdom and honour that deep connection humans once had with these powerful herbs, plants and fruits.

What's the difference between Earths Secret and other high end supplement brands?

In today's market, most supplements are created for maximum profit and not for maximum quality. These companies use poorly absorbed ingredients and bulk the capsules up with fillers and anti-caking agents. Earths Secret uses premium quality ingredients which are based on high-quality evidence. We will never use any excipients in our formula.


Is Earths Secret suitable for vegans and vegetarians?

Yes, all our products are 100% vegan and vegetarian.

Is Earths Secret Halal?

All our ingredients are suitable for a Halal diet.

Where should I store Earths Secret?

In a cool, dry place.

Can I take Earths Secret alongside medication?

Earths Secret can be taken alongside most medication. However, as an ethical company we recommend that you seek the professional advice of your doctor before starting your journey with Earths Secret.

Are your products allergen free?

Yes, Earths Secret is allergen free. Our formulas contain no allergens.

Are your products nut free?

Yes, Earths Secret is nut free and is created in a facility that does not handle nuts or nut products.

Do your products contain GMO?

None of our products contain GMOs.

Does Earth's Secret contain any excipients?

No, Earths Secret does not contain any fillers, binders, bulking agents or preservatives. We take the ingredients straight from Mother Earth pure and untouched.

Where is Earths Secret manufactured?

Earths Secret is manufactured in the UK.

Why is Earths Secret different from other supplement brands?

Earths Secret formulas contain peer-reviewed patented ingredients optimised for superior absorption, purity, and efficiency. These ingredients are created by nature and backed with science based journals to further prove their effects. Additionally, combining extensively researched herbs and fruits in our formulas that have been rigorously tested for any pesticides or metals. We are an above and beyond company who strives for quality over profit always.

What certificates of Safety does Earths Secret have?

All our ingredients are fully certified for sale. Our formulas are created in a GFSI approved site adhering to the stringent GMP standards.

What are Pillar ingredients?

Our Pillar ingredients are used based on the premise of bioavailability, purity and evidence. These ingredients have scientific studies and clinical data to further support their effects. These ingredients have specifically been designed for potent delivery systems and efficacy by having up to multiple times the absorption rate than generic supplements. Our evidence-based ingredients present in our Complexes cost more than 400 times than organic.

Are Earths Secrets Ingredients tested?

All of Earths Secrets ingredients have been ethically sourced and rigorously tested for any pesticides and heavy metals. Earths Secret is fully transparent, you can type in your supplement batch number on our Quality page to find where exactly your formulas ingredients originated from and the thorough testing carried out.

Are Earths Secrets ingredients Organic?

All of our ingredients are organically grown, which means they are free from pesticides, herbicides and heavy metals.

Why isn’t Earths Secret certified Organic?

Our formulas are created with the ideology of efficiency over being certified Organic. To be certified Organic, we would have to have over 95% Organic content in our formulas. We use extracts for certain ingredients in our formulas meaning we extract the active constituent from that particular ingredient to make it more potent and effective. Extracts cannot be fully certified Organic, even though the herbs that the extract was taken from was Organically grown.

What are Earths Secrets capsules made from?

Our capsules are made from 100% vegetarian cellulose.

Is Earths Secret suitable for pregnant women?

We always recommend that you contact your doctor before starting any food supplements.

Who should be taking Earths Secret?

Earths Secret is for people who want to enhance their mood, sleep and health. To help people live a more blissful, stress free, vibrant life.

Is Earths Secret for women or men?

Our formulas are suitable for both men and women. They were specifically designed to give anyone optimal health and wellbeing.

Will I experience any side effects taking Earths Secret?

Earths Secret is a supernatural supplement that does not cause side effects. We have researched the very best safety and clinical studies for every ingredient that we add into our formula.

Can I take Earths Secret with my coffee?

We highly recommend leaving a 30 minute window prior and after taking caffeine to take your Earths Secret. This is due to caffeine being a mild diuretic, which can reduce the absorption of supplements.

What size are Earths Secrets capsules?

We thoroughly studied the correct efficient dosage for each ingredient which is why the capsule sizes differ from product. If for any reason you cannot take capsules, our formulas can be easily dispersed in a smoothie or yoghurt.


Can the Calm formula help with stress?

All of Calm's ingredients have specifically been added to help reduce stress and improve mood. KSM-66® Ashwagandha is a highly clinically studied and purified form of ashwagandha, which helps the body return to a state of homeostasis. It works in parallel with two other adaptogens Holy Basil and Rhodiola Rosea which have been widely used to help the body to adapt to stress.

Can the Calm formula help with focus?

Calm's formula contains two widely known nootropics such as Rhodiola Rosea which has traditionally been used to enhance physical and mental performance. Rhodiola Rosea is the ideal study supplement as research shows the increase to detail-orientated tasks by improving concentration over a prolonged period and boosting energy by increasing the ATP synthesis in your mitochondria. L-theanine is another nootropic that has shown to boost alpha and theta brain which promotes alert relaxation and improves cognitive function. L-theanine also is said to increase GABA, serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain which produces it’s energising and calming effect.

Can Boost better my health?

Our pillar ingredient HydroCurc® Turmeric has been shown to be the optimum compound for cellular health as well as strengthening the overall energy in the body, aiding positive health. The King of Mushrooms Reishi which contains hundreds of biologically active molecules that promote energy and vitality. Spirulina, known as ‘Nature's Multi-Vitamin’, is rich in many energy inducing vitamins and minerals, providing high antioxidant properties giving extra support to our body. Elderberry has been used for centuries to heal the body, mind and spirit by having antibacterial and antiviral activities. Elderberries are packed with many powerful nutrients and vitamins. Being high in flavonoid rich compounds, it exerts antioxidant protection on cells which helps keep the body strong.

Can Boost help with inflammation?

Our Boost formula contains Turmeric (curcumin) which has been widely used for its anti-inflammatory effects. Boost contains the world's most bioavailable form of curcumin HydroCurc®. This highly researched patented ingredient has over 85% curcuminoids and 230% improved bioavailability compared to generic curcumin supplements. Boost also contains Spirulina which is known for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties that benefit both body and brain.

Can the Sleep formula help me fall asleep?

Our Sleep formula was specifically designed to help people drift off to a blissful night sleep. Sleep contains a superior saffron extract known as affron® which is the world's first clinical studied version of saffron. Saffron has been commonly used for its sleep enhancing properties, revered for bringing a calming and relaxing effect. Tart cherries have been studied to show an improvement in sleep parameters such as duration and quality due to its naturally high melatonin levels. As well as containing high amounts of tryptophan, a precursor of serotonin which has shown to reduce sleep latency in humans. Passionflower has been traditionally used as a herbal sedative.It appears to boost the level of the hormone GABA in your brain which is the compound that lowers brain activity, which may help you relax and sleep better.

Can Earths Secret help with menopause?

Menopause can affect our mood, sleep, body temperature and energy.

Our Calm formulas pillar ingredient KSM-66® Ashwagandha is an extensively trialled and highly bioavailable form of Ashwagandha. It is an adaptogen which is beneficial in helping the body deal with the stress of menopause.

Our Sleep formula pillar ingredient contains affron® which is a peer patented extract of Saffron. affron® is creating a buzz amongst academics and scientists as the first saffron extract on the market to be supported with peer-reviewed clinical evidence to demonstrate positive benefits across sleep quality, which is an issue menopausal women face.


How does Earths Secret care for the environment?

Earths Secret is a company that honours what the Earths has given us, so we always take the sustainable approach with our packaging and values. Earths Secret already offers and is actively investigating and trialling alternative renewable materials to provide further eco-friendly options for its customers by using the most eco-friendly options such as biodegradable, compostable and recyclable solutions in all of our packaging.

How does Earths Secret give back to the Earth?

Earths Secret is happy to be a part of One Tree Planted who is a non profit environmental charity with the mission to aid global reforestation. With every order you place with Earths Secret, you are helping to plant a tree around the world. Our customers reforest the planet with their orders, becoming a part of the big, green movement.

Is Earths Secret packaging eco friendly?

All of our packaging is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable. Simply read on the packaging which one of these terms we use and you can:

Recycle- Just place this item in your recycling bin and this will converse into another reusable material.

Biodegradable- Just place this item in a recycling bin or compost bin and this will be broken down and reabsorbed into the environment.

Compostable- Just place this item in a home compost or an industrial composting facility, this will break down into natural and organic states.


How do I log in to my account?

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Can I receive a pouch without subscribing?

Earths Secret has two options to choose between a one time purchase which you will receive our presentation box and bottle or to subscribe and save where you will receive the bottle once and then continue monthly to receive our subscription pouch.

Why is the one time purchase more expensive than the subscription?

Earths Secret cares a lot about first impressions which is why with a one time purchase we want to entice you with our beautiful presentational box. Our hope is to make this experience as exciting and fun for our customer at the start of their journey. Once you have our presentation box and you have subscribed, we will go ahead and send you out our fully biodegradable refill pouches, so it's easier and convenient to refill your bottle with your super natural supplements.

Can I test out Earths Secret without subscribing?

Yes, of course. Just click the one time purchase on our product page.

When do I get charged for my subscription purchase?

You will be charged on your renewal date which will be confirmed with an email from Earths Secret. If you need any additional help on this, please contact

Shipping & Delivery

Where do you ship?

We ship globally.

How long does delivery take?

All orders are shipped as fast as possible. Please allow 2-3 days for delivery. Please be aware that shipping time varies by country, so please allow up to 7 days for delivery.

I’ve changed my address, will this affect my subscription?

Please email so we can help you get your super natural supplements to your new address.

Is there any duty applied to International Shipping?

This changes subject to where you are located. EU orders: all taxes and duties paid. No additional charges. All other regions: taxes and duty may apply. Please check your local customs website to confirm.

What courier does Earths Secret use?

We use Royal Mail, Hermes and DPD as our shipping partners.

What happens if I’m not in when my product is delivered?

That's no problem. Royal Mail will leave a collection slip and you will need to collect your delivery from the post office.

What happens if my order is damaged?

If for any reason your product is damaged, please email and we will assist you.

Payments and Returns

If I am not satisfied with Earths Secret, can I get a refund?

If for any reason you find you are not happy with Earths Secret, you can return your bottle even empty within 30 days of purchase. We always appreciate feedback, please email

What payment services do you accept?

We accept all major credit, debit cards and Apple Pay.