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What is the Safest Thing to Take for Sleep?

Getting good, quality sleep is one of life’s great natural resets.

Anyone who has struggled with poor quality sleep or insomnia will agree that getting enough sleep is essential in gaining optimal health and well-being. Without it, our lives can be impacted in various ways, both mentally and physically.

It is an essential function, and without enough sleep the brain cannot function properly. Instead of being your most empowered self, this lack of function can mean a lack of concentration, clear thought and memory recall.

 Conversely, when we do get the sleep we need, the human body can do incredible things. While we sleep, and get the proper rejuvenating rest we really need, the body repairs itself, files information, releases hormones, reduces cortisol levels and reduces inflammation.

Every night our body recharges, and natural sleeping aids can help.


Bad Sleep Quality

 Many of us will assume that just because we lay down at night, we’re already getting the sleep we need but the reality is that poor quality sleep is a regular occurrence for large groups of people.

 According to the NHS, 1 in 3 of us suffer from poor sleep with many of modern life’s new developments being blamed as the cause.

 This poor sleep quality can affect our mood, energy, concentration levels, relationships, and more. With more screens, the complexities of “working from home”, work-life balance stresses, and more demands than ever before, our sleep quality is being challenged in unparalleled ways.

 Bad sleep quality normally consists of:

  • Restless or disrupted sleep
  • Shortened sleep patterns
  • Insomnia


Natural Sleep Aids

Despite all this, sleep quality can be improved for many of us without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. Some of the most common natural sleep aids are well within reach.

However, before you consider supplementing your sleep cycle you should consider establishing helpful sleep routines including limiting “screen time” before bed, abstaining from caffeine, tobacco or alcohol before bed, and maintaining healthy levels of diet and exercise throughout your normal day.

 This might sound simple, but the body is a wonderful vessel when encouraged and these natural solutions will help prime your body for rest.

 Beyond that, the world is full of natural sleep aids. Some of which, have been used by groups of people for generations.

 Some of the most common include Melatonin, a hormone supplement, the Valerian root herb, and the mineral Magnesium.

 Melatonin is a hormone, naturally produced within all of us, which is directly linked to natural sleep cycles. As a result, Melatonin supplements have become more and more popular as people seek to replicate the natural sleep process.

 Valerian root is a herb used for generations to decrease stress or anxiety, and encourage sleep, and Magnesium is commonly used because of its relaxing properties.

 Each of these have their benefits, but we recommend you research thoroughly before taking anything.


Earths Secret Sleep Aids

Our Earths Secret Sleep supplement contains a combination of powerful Ayurvedic herbs, known for their restorative sleep-inducing properties, and we believe that it’s the best natural sleep aid available anywhere in the world.

 Not only does Sleep include Tart Cherry extract, Passion Flower, Chamomile and Lavender, all renowned as incredible natural sleep aids, known for improving and promoting restful sleep within the body, but it also includes a unique standardised Saffron extract called affron®.

 affron® is an award-winning Saffron extract, peer-reviewed and clinically proven to maintain and encourage a positive mood, and restorative sleep patterns. You can read more about our pillar Sleep ingredient here.



For more on modern sleep issues and solutions, click here.


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What is the Safest Thing to Take for Sleep?

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