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9 Easy Ways On How To Get Quality Sleep During Summer

Summer is here, and the heat is on!

This is an exciting time where we look forward to enjoying our vacation. However, sleeping in hot weather can complicate the night. Some people do not mind the insanely hot season, but it prevents others from having a good night's rest. 

Worry no more because we can share with you helpful pieces of advice on how you can reduce that heat so that you can get enough sleep and have sufficient energy to conquer the next day.

Let's explore!

Why Is It Difficult To Get A Good Night's Sleep In The Summer?

In a 2011 study, seasonal changes affect our sleep quality. It was found that people tend to wake up earlier in the summer, while sleep issues happen less during the winter. 

Aside from that, the long daylight hours, delayed melatonin release, stress, lifestyle, and high temperatures are significant factors that affect your sleep quality during summer. 


How To Get Quality Sleep During Summer?

Don't make the summer heat ruin your sleep quality! Here are some tips you can do to help you snooze soundly during the hot season.

#1 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Drink an adequate amount of water to help your body to function properly. During the summer season, you have to make an effort to remember to hydrate yourself with more water even if you don't feel like it. 

Remember that the summer heat can make you sweat more than usual. Thus, this causes you to lose excess fluid.

Pay attention to the signals that your body tells. When you feel thirsty, just simply drink water. Additionally, you can have a cold drink before bed, which can help decrease your body temperature. In effect, it can make you feel refreshed and relaxed.

You can also keep a glass or water bottle of ice-cold water next to your bed so you won't have to trouble yourself by getting up whenever you need to drink water.

#2 Make your bedroom sleep-friendly

The National Sleep Council reported that the ideal room temperature for a good night's rest is between 16-18°C. However, it varies from person to person. 

We have a few tips that you can do to freshen up your bedroom before going to bed. That way, you can rest well during hot summer nights.

The idea is to keep the room at the optimal temperature for relaxation. Try these tips to keep your bedroom cool, as these can also allow your heating and cooling systems to work efficiently.

  • Lower the blinds during the hottest hours.
  • Keep the door closed during the daytime so that the cool air collected at night does not vaporise.
  • Keep the windows closed and the curtains drawn. This will minimise heat emitting from the streets to enter your room. 
  • Place dark-coloured curtains or blackout curtains to make your room as dark as possible. It can significantly help reduce the heat that gets through your windows. 

#3 Shower at night

Taking a shower before going to bed might also help you relax. Just make sure to dry yourself properly so you won't get sick.

If you feel it is troublesome for you to take a shower, try putting a cold towel on your forehead or feet.

#4 Wear comfortable nightclothes

To help yourself cool and be comfortable at night, wear clothing that is made of natural fibres such as cotton, linen, or silk. These light materials can help you feel cool and restful during warm summer nights.

Avoid clothes made with synthetic fibres. They will only make you feel sweaty and uncomfortable.

#5 Choose comfy bed linens. 

Your bed linen should be made from natural, breathable fabric. Best of all are silk, linen, and quality cotton. Typically, cotton sheets are the coolest for summer. Synthetics will only make your life worse.

#6 Don't workout late

You should not exercise when the temperature is very high. Why? The day's heat can cause dizziness, dehydration, and general malaise. 

If you are practicing a sport, don't do it right before bed. Do your exercise in the morning, not at night. Note that exercise also raises your body temperature.

Perhaps, you can at least do it 3 hours before bedtime. That way, your body will have more time to rest and recover to its normal temperature.

#7 Find a comfortable sleep posture.

If you usually sleep in a curled position, try a sleep position that can help release body heat. This time, position yourself with your arms and legs spread out. 

#8 Keep a regular sleep schedule.

A new study revealed that good sleep quality is not only about targeting the ideal number of sleep hours. It is also tied to the need to maintain consistent sleep routines. Ideally, you should go to bed and wake up a the same time every day. 

Poor sleep makes you feel more anxious and irritable in a hot season. And it also increases your risk of obesity, hypertension, and diabetes.

#9 Consider taking sleep supplements. 

You can consider taking natural sleep supplements as part of your evening ritual. These are formulated to help you fall asleep soundly and wake up feeling a refreshing surge of positive energy running through your system. Sleep supplements also help promote calm, clarity, and focus.

Other tips to help you sleep soundly

  • Put gadgets away from your bed.
  • Correct your sleep posture.
  • Eat meals hours before bedtime.
  • Limit alcohol intake.
  • Avoid caffeine.

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Need a high-quality sleep throughout the hot season?

Extended daylight hours, stress, lifestyle, and hot temperatures greatly influence your sleep quality during the long summer days. We hope our advice will help you overcome how to get quality sleep during summer so that you can get the well-rested sleep you deserve. 

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