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What Can I Take for Energy without Caffeine?

Maintaining high energy levels, and a zest for life, is one of todays biggest challenges in the modern world.


With screen time increasing exponentially to a record high of over 6 hours per day, or almost 45 hours per week, sedentary lifestyles becoming more common than ever before, and diets including more processed food, energy levels have suffered.


A lack of energy can impact our performance at work, how we have fun and socialise with family and friends, intimacy, and even our learning capacity!


Luckily, the world is bountiful with solutions. From simple fixes within ourselves, to herbs, nutrients and vitamins available across the globe, nature can help in so many different ways.


Energy without Caffeine


Obviously caffeine is a natural byproduct found within tea, coffee and cacao plants but there can be side effects if too much caffeine is consumed. Likewise, when people begin to lower their caffeine consumption, a decrease in energy levels can be an unfortunate result.


Thankfully there are various ways to generate energy without caffeine and regain that thirst for life!


Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet alongside drinking plenty of water is crucial in influencing the way we feel, how our body responds to the world around us, and our energy levels. By drinking the daily recommended amounts of water, and eating a healthy balance of proteins, essential fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, we’re fuelling our body and mind with exactly what it wants and needs.


Exercise and sleep also play crucial roles in helping to generate energy without the need for caffeine or other similar stimulants.


It might sound like common sense, but for the uninitiated, developing a routine of regular exercise and healthy sleeping patterns across the week will do wonders for the wellness of both mind and body, as well as helping to prevent heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.


Despite our increasingly sedentary lives, the body is programmed to move and responds positively to physical challenge before well deserved rest, so give your body what it wants!


Natural Energisers


There are of course also natural energisers that can help supplement healthy levels of diet, exercise and sleep, for optimised health and energy.


Hydrocurc®, one of the pillar ingredients in Thrive, is an award-winning Turmeric extract specifically designed to increase the bioavailability of Curcuminoids in the body. Curcumin, extracted from the Turmeric root, is renowned as the ultimate compound for cellular health. You can read about it in-depth here.


Alongside Hydrocurc®, another natural energiser is the organic Reishi Mushroom. Reishi, used for thousands of years as a restorative tonic and once confined to Asian royalty, is commonly used by athletes and is regarded as the “herb of spiritual potency”.


Spirulina is another natural energiser, and is known as “nature’s multi-vitamin” as it comes loaded with vitamins and minerals (including b vitamins, protein, iron, omega 6’s and 9) as well as boasting high antioxidant activity and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


Our Thrive super natural supplement combines all the above, alongside Elderberry extract and Ginger root, to harness some of the best natural energisers nature has to offer. You can explore a full breakdown of all Thrive ingredients here.




We truly believe that the world around us has everything we need to support healthy living and encourage the full and vibrant lifestyle we all want! Our Mission is to reveal these powerful ingredients to the world through ethically sourced and grown ingredients, creating unique Complexes targeted at everyday health and wellness needs.

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