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How Can I Reduce Anxiety Naturally?

Anxiety is a part of life.


To feel anxious or stressed can actually be a good thing in certain scenarios. It’s a natural legacy, passed down to us via our ancestors who needed to be hyper-aware in harsher surroundings pre-dating civilisation as we know it today.


That being said, too much anxiety or anxiety triggered by the wrong influences can have severe and debilitating results.


Luckily, there are natural aids and methods to help reduce anxiety in a sustainable way.


We truly believe that modern life has misplaced our ancestral roots and the ancient teachings of the Earth, the magic she holds, and the natural ways in which issues such as stress and anxiety can be managed.


Natural Anxiety Relief


Before seeking out other solutions, we deeply believe in the power of natural regulation within the body.


By managing and controlling what’s closest to us, we can begin to harness the power of our own body and mind, and we believe there are three key areas you may want to consider, when reducing your own anxiety through natural methods.


Maintain an Active Lifestyle


The positive effects of exercise and active lifestyles are well known.


Better sleep, healthier bodies, and clearer minds are all known positive results from a more active lifestyle.


This doesn’t mean you need to run to the nearest gym. Everyone is different and the exercise we enjoy and respond to best will be different for each of us.


For some it might be swimming, for others team sport or even daily walks. An average of 30 minutes of exercise a day has been shown to help, and whatever it is, the positive impacts of exercise and daily activity are clear to see.


Focus on a Healthy, Natural Diet


Much of what the modern world tells us suggests that food is to be consumed for enjoyment and or physical performance and appearance. Whilst those things can be true, food and diet are also directly linked to our mental wellbeing, mood and stress levels.


The body is a natural vessel so it makes sense that by providing it with natural, unprocessed foods and healthy levels of hydration, we’re providing the best platform possible to naturally lower stress and anxiety from within.




Meditation has been around for over 5000 years but it’s currently witnessing higher levels of recognition amongst western societies than potentially ever before.


There are many incredible resources out there to help guide you on your meditation journey, but by harnessing your inner zen and experimenting with breath work, you can naturally improve sleep, energy and mood levels.


However you choose to implement it into your life, the power of meditation is clear.


Role of Natural Anxiety Supplements


There are of course natural anxiety supplements to help aid and bridge any gaps that the challenges of modern life may pose.


Our Calm Complex was created with modern stresses and challenges at the forefront of its design. By utilising the world’s leading adaptogen KSM-66® Ashwagandha, alongside two other Adaptogens, Rhodiola Rosea and Holy Basil, we have a Complex designed specifically to promote calmer, clearer thinking.


Just remember, when picking a supplement (for any issue or aim), you should always clearly read the labels and ingredient information. Unfortunately the supplement industry is subject to unsavoury practice from time to time, but with the right information at hand you will be able to choose a healthy, ethical supplement.


You can find out more about what makes a supplement ethical here.




Everyone is unique, but the methods of reducing anxiety and stress levels via natural methods have been used for generations.


We completely understand that every case is different, and in some cases maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle won’t necessarily be enough, but if you’re currently struggling with stress and want to implement some natural changes and additions to your life then we hope these help!


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