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How Do Sleep Supplements Work?

I’m sure we can all agree just how crucial sleep is.


Not only does it constitute approximately one third of our lives, but it’s a magical, restorative part of life that helps repair the body and mind on a daily basis and facilitates healthier lifestyles and mental health.


Unfortunately, despite those benefits, up to one third of us struggle with a lack of sleep or (just as importantly) a lack of good quality sleep.


That’s where sleep supplements can help, so let’s dig in to what sleep supplements can actually contain, and what they can do.


What is a Good Nights Sleep?


First, we need to consider what a good nights sleep actually is.


According to the Sleep Foundation, a good nights sleep consists of a number of key elements.


A good nights sleep should ideally include:

    • Ability to fall asleep within 30 minutes of settling down at night
    • Approximately 7-9 hours of undisturbed sleep (recommended length for adults)
    • Ability to return to sleep within a 20 minute window if you wake during the night


Another important element (and maybe the most important in some cases) is that you feel properly rested, restored and reenergised after a good nights sleep.


After all, that is what sleep is primarily for and it’s designed to restore your body and mind overnight in preparation for the next day.


Don’t worry if you have the odd night of restless or disturbed sleep. The modern world throws all kinds of challenges at us that can impact sleep, but in general over the longterm we want to aim for the points above.


How Do Sleep Supplements Work?


We’ve discussed it before, but there are a number of positive lifestyle changes and habits which really help when searching for better sleep quality.


These changes and habits often fall under the bracket of “good sleep hygiene” and if you tick all those boxes and are still searching for better sleep or better quality of sleep, sleep supplements can help bridge that gap.


So how do these sleep supplements work?


We can only speak specifically about our own Sleep Complex, a natural supplement designed to aid and encourage better sleep, but essentially it works by:

    • Including Ayurvedic herbs known to help aid sleep patterns, and used for thousands of years by native populations
    • Using Tryptophan and Melatonin, with the latter known to increase quality and duration of sleep
    • Containing antioxidants and anti-inflammatories designed to repair and restore the body during sleep


All of the above combined means you’re utilising potent herbs and a key sleep-inducing hormone (Melatonin) to encourage the most restful and restorative sleep possible.


This might sound complicated or slightly academic, but put simply, the best sleep supplements can harness the most powerful, natural plants and herbs around us and make them easily digestible in modern day life. Just remember to choose a quality, ethical and sustainable supplement for your health and the planets health.


Sleep supplements literally tap in to the best of the natural world in search of a quality nights sleep and that’s exactly what our Sleep Complex does.


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