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What Herbal Supplements are Good for Anxiety?

It will come as little surprise to our tribe, but one of the founding principles of Earths Secret is that the Earth is bursting with amazing plants, herbs and fruits which, when harnessed properly, can unlock the true potential within our body and mind.

 This natural bounty can help and aid us in all manner of ways.

 From facilitating a more restful sleep, to helping us Boost, these powerful ingredients can promote all sorts of everyday health and wellness needs. Including anxiety and stress.


What is Anxiety?

 Stress or a feeling of anxiety is a perfectly natural inbuilt response within all of us. This feeling is generated in response to sudden changes, dangers or challenges. In centuries gone by, this stress or anxiety helped humans survive predators or dangers within their surrounding environments.

 So a certain amount of stress was, and still can be, very useful!

 Nowadays though, this feeling has changed, adapted and in some cases flourished in a negative sense in our ever-changing modern lives.


How Does Anxiety Impact Us?

 Stress and anxiety can stem from many different facets of modern-day life. From work, to education, to never-ending social media streams, there are various ways we can become stressed from day to day.

 As we’ve said, a little bit of stress is perfectly natural, but if it persists and becomes chronic it can impact any of us in a combination of emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioural ways.

 Everyone will react slightly differently to stress, but some of the most common impacts include feeling overwhelmed, struggling with low energy, insomnia, an inability to focus, and changes in appetite.

 Any combination of these symptoms can have a massive impact on a person.


Natural Anxiety Relief

 Luckily, the world around us boasts incredible ingredients with powerful healing properties which are perfect for aiding and encouraging a calmer, more stress-free lifestyle.

 The uninitiated might be surprised, but natural anxiety relief and herbal remedies are all around us.

 Our Calm Complex is packed with natural herbs and a combination of Ayurvedic favourites containing Adaptogens and Natural Nootropics which combine to create a modern life stress reliever, steeped in ancient knowledge and wisdom.

 This ancient knowledge is found in one our pillar ingredients, KSM-66® Ashwagandha, which comes from the Ashwagandha shrub plant found in India. This plant is considered one of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs available, and has been used by humans for thousands of years. It’s steeped in tradition and the Indian principles of natural healing.

 Calm also includes Holy Basil, an Ayurvedic herb that works as an Adaptogen to foster a sense of relaxation and wellbeing within the body, mind and spirit, Rhodiola Rosea extract, known as the “Golden Root”, L-theanine and Black Pepper.

 Each herb within Calm has been selected because of its restorative, calming properties and you can read about each in-depth, here.


Earths Secret

 We truly believe that the Earth is abundant in incredible natural ingredients which can make a real difference to peoples lives, and this includes those needed to help alleviate stress and anxiety.

 We have sought out the most bioavailable, sustainable and powerful of these ingredients and combined them in our unique Complexes to empower you to lead an incredible life.


Read more about our story and our mission here.


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