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How Can I Reduce Anxiety Naturally?

Whether it’s the ever-increasing awareness of mental health, or the demands of modern life, anxiety, and searches for cures or solutions, becomes more and more prominent with every passing year.

What is Anxiety?

 Anxiety “is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear” and it can vary wildly in its severity.

 In some cases anxiety can be present as a fear or worry regarding everyday events such as academic tests, or job or career-based activities.

 In more extreme cases, anxiety can take the form of panic attacks, PTSD or the development or flaring up of phobias.

 Many of us will experience anxiety in some form during the course of our lives, if we haven’t already, and this can appear as one-off episodes or as a regular daily condition.

 As an example of this, the United Kingdom’s NHS estimates that up to 5% of the UK population is impacted by GAD (generalised anxiety disorder), a form of anxiety they have to live with on a daily basis.

 Whilst this might appear low, this doesn’t even begin to account for various other forms of anxiety out there in society, never mind those who currently remain undiagnosed.


How does Anxiety impact us?

The impacts of anxiety are many and varied.

 As we’ve said, for some it can become present in the development of phobias. For others it can appear as a feeling of dread or constant worry.

 Beyond the mental impacts, anxiety can also severely impact us physically.

 Dizziness, shortness of breath, heart palpitations and restless sleep are just some of the more common physical ailments but the list can be long and varied, depending on the person in suffering.

 Unfortunately anxiety can impact us across all aspects of our lives, in different ways, and although there are common issues, many sufferers can experience anxiety and stress in all sorts of personal variations.


Natural Anxiety Relief

 So, are there any natural anxiety relief cures or aids?

 If you’ve researched this topic before, or suffered from anxiety and sought out solutions previously, you’ll probably be acquainted with suggestions including the uptake of regular exercise, exposing yourself to nature and the outdoors, and reducing negative elements (such as alcohol) within your diet.

 Those are all excellent suggestions, but as a super natural supplements company, we also like to focus on other natural anxiety relief options.

 Specifically, those available throughout the natural world around us which in turn, can empower us and enhance our overall well being.

 One of the most basic natural aids is actually the reduction of caffeine in your diet. Although many of us enjoy caffeine as part of a balanced diet, if you already suffer from anxiety, stress or tiredness, then caffeine will potentially increase the negative effects you’re already experiencing.

 Beyond that, you’ll also regularly see anxiety aids including herbs and minerals like magnesium,  ylang ylang, valerian and lavender.

 These can be used in essential oils, herbal remedies and within fragrances and diffusers.


Earths Secret Anxiety Supplement

 We also have a natural anxiety reliever, created by nature, powered by science.

 Our Calm Complex is slightly different in that it contains KSM-66® Ashwagandha, and a combination of Ayurvedic favourites containing Adaptogens and Natural Nootropics. All of this combines to create a modern life stress reliever, steeped in ancient knowledge and wisdom.

 Ashwagandha comes from a root found in India, is considered one of the most powerful Ayurvedic herbs available, and has been used by humans for thousands of years.

 Calm also includes Holy Basil, an Ayurvedic herb that works as an Adaptogen to foster a sense of relaxation and wellbeing within the body, mind and spirit, Rhodiola Rosea extract, known as the “Golden Root”, L-theanine and Black Pepper.

 Each herb within Calm has been selected because of its restorative, calming properties and you can read about each in-depth, here.




Anxiety and stress can affect anyone at any time, and has developed into a global crisis throughout the modern world.


Natural solutions are all around us. The world is full of incredibly powerful herbs, harnessed by local populations over generations. We hope we’ve highlighted a few for your journey towards a more peaceful, contented life.

Ready to rediscover your life without stress?

Give Balance a try and feel the difference for yourself. Here's to a happier, healthier you.