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Who Needs Supplements?

With a greater understanding and demand for better health and living standards, than possibly ever before, it’s understandable that “who needs supplements” is becoming a more and more common question.


Nowadays this isn’t just a question for athletes, fitness fanatics and overly health-conscious friends or colleagues. Food supplements are now reaching beyond the realms of select groups and are becoming more regularly used by all sorts of people, from all walks of life.


If you’re one of those people, or are considering a change, then let’s look at some of the key elements of the supplement world together. 


What are Supplements?


Supplements, put simply, are an addition to a healthy lifestyle. A way to harness something for a more fulfilled life.


By definition, a supplement is “something that is added to something else in order to improve it or complete it” and we can’t think of a better way to describe natural, ethically produced food supplements.


If created and used holistically, food supplements can literally add something wonderful to your life that is otherwise missing or depleted.


For many, their first introduction to supplements will be in the form of vitamin or food/diet based supplements. These supplements will literally contain vitamins, minerals or food products and will usually come in the form of tablets, powders or gummies.


Specific to us, Earths Secret supplements are small vegan-friendly capsules created by harnessing natural, bioavailable ingredients found within plants, herbs and fruits. These ingredients, specifically selected, contain natural remedies and properties proven to benefit the body and mind in multiple ways. You can find out more about our select ingredients here


Reasons to Take Supplements


There are a myriad of reasons to take supplements.


In many cases you will find supplements for specific niches or pain points in life. Athletes will take protein supplements to aid muscle growth and recovery. Those lacking in Iron or specific vitamins will enhance their diet with the relative supplement.


In other cases, and for us, supplements will be used to aid or improve energy resources and sleep patterns within the body, and facilitate the release of stress or anxiety for improved mood or focus.


We see it as harvesting nature's most powerful ingredients and bedding them into something incredible, to optimise your day.


You can read more about the process and focus, which goes into each of our three pillar super natural supplements, here.


Think about your own current lifestyle and schedule.


What are you currently struggling with or aiming to improve? For some it’s a lack of restorative sleep, and for others it could be the quest for greater mental focus and clarity.


Each and every one of us will have a personal reason for supplementing our existing lifestyle.


If you’re currently considering your reason, think about your biggest pain points or what you really want to achieve, and work backwards from there.


Earths Secret


At Earths Secret we believe that even though today’s society has forgotten many of our ancestral roots, and the benefits of Mother Nature, there is no better time than now, to rediscover them.


Our mission is to reveal these powerful ingredients to the world through ethically sourced and grown ingredients, creating unique Complexes targeted at everyday health and wellness needs. 


For many local or indigenous populations, close to the plants we use, these incredible ingredients and the powerful traits within have been known and utilised for generations across thousands of years.


We aim to change people's lives and the supplement industry one customer at a time. The power of the most pure and potent plants and herbs can do just that. 


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