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A powerful blend of traditional sleep-inducing botanicals and the Ayurvedic spice Saffron. These soothing and comforting ingredients relax your muscles, quieten the mind and get your body the quality rest it needs.

Sustainably sourced and made in the UK.

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" Slip into a quality night sleep with Sleep from Earths Secret "


"Dreaming of drifting gently into a deep and restful sleep with Earths Secret.."

No Fillers
No Allergens
Made with Love in the UK

Better Impact, Better Value

Economical in more ways than one,
we condensed 5 primary ingredients
which individually come at a hefty price tag, into one supercharged complex! More Ingredients, more impact, better value!

Try it

If you don’t feel a real difference in your sleep after 30 days, we’ll give you a full refund. Just return your bottle to us (even if it’s empty) and we’ll handle the rest - no questions asked. 

How Does Our Unique Complex Help You Wake Up Feeling Refreshed & Revitalised?

Naturally Prepares your Body for Sleep

Dreaming of drifting gently into a deep and restful sleep? The potent botanicals such as our superior saffron extract known as affron® is revered for bringing a calming and relaxing effect. Combined with Passion Flower, which will help you relax and sleep better. by boosting the level of the hormone GABA in your brain. So, there are no more nights staring at the ceiling or counting sheep - you’ll fall just a peaceful night of good quality sleep.

Promotes Quality Sleep

When you’re feeling restless or are drifting in and out of dream-land, your body can’t get the deep sleep it needs to fully restore and rejuvenate. The nutrients in our Sleep Complex such as Tart Cherry contain natural Tryptophan and Melatonin, helping to improve the duration and quality of your shut-eye so that you wake up feeling vibrant.

Repairs & heals your body 

Even when you drift off, your body continues working hard to keep you healthy. Rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in our Sleep Complex can give your body the extra support it needs to restore whilst you sleep. Even after the busiest of days, you can wake up feeling fighting fit and fully energised.

Our Complexes Contain No Fillers, Binders, Bulking Agents or Preservatives - Exactly As Nature Intended

affron Saffron extract is used in our sleep supplement Sleep, to create the perfect restful state using only natural herbal supplements.


“The first night I took sleep, I slept for nine and a half hours without waking – pretty amazing. It’s not just longer sleep but deeper, more restorative and more restful. So you wake feeling truly refreshed.”

High-Quality Sleep & Energised Mornings: This Is Your Sleep Journey

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